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Adaptive Tennis Workshop

Youth (K-12) Adaptive Tennis Workshop

A sports workshop for youth with disabilities.

Date: September 16
Time: 10:00-11:30am (please arrive by 9:45am)
Location:  The Plaza Tennis Center, 4747 JC Nichols Parkway
$10 registration fee (Cash/Check due before play - checks can be made out to "Midwest Adaptive Sports")

The Youth (K-12) Adaptive Tennis Workshop is hosted by The Whole Person and Midwest Adaptive Sports.


Participation requirements:

To ensure a fun and safe event, children must be:

  • Ages K-12 and able to actively participate in workshop
  • Seizure free for at least two months
  • Caregiver presence needed for assistance if participant is not physically independent
  • Having participants be able to push a manual wheelchair independently is preferred.

If your child has a disability that prevents them from playing “regular” tennis, they can still enjoy all of the benefits the game of tennis provides with adaptations designed to meet their individual needs. Tennis is truly a game for everyone. If they can swing a racquet, your child CAN play!

According to the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the goal of adaptive tennis is to promote and develop recreational tennis opportunities for individuals with differing abilities and circumstances through inclusion, knowledge, and support, and by providing, where needed, adaptive programming, equipment, and teaching techniques.

The objective of the workshop is:

  • To allow children with a variety of physical limitations and special needs to be introduced to and explore basic tennis skills in a fun, recreational environment.
  • Explore the child’s and parent’s interest further developing tennis skills by participating in group or individual tennis lessons.
  • Provide the opportunity for children with a variety of disabilities to play tennis.

Goal of the workshop:

  • To assess the community interest in the creation of a competitive adaptive youth tennis program

Register for Youth (K-12) Adaptive Tennis Workshop!

Participant Age (as of 9/1/2017)
This workshop is only open to children grades K-12 who are able to actively participate in workshop.
Required unless child is over 18 years old
Caregiver/Parent/Guardian must be present for assistance if participant is not physically independent.
Caregiver/Parent/Guardian must be present for assistance if participant is not physically independent.
This information will assist us in preparing the event to meet the participant's individual needs.
Does the participant utilize a manual or power chair?
Can the participant propel a manual chair independently, or would the participant need a sports chair for the workshop?
Please use the Additional Comments box at the end of the form to share more information if needed.
List or describe in the box below.

When you hit the submit form button, you acknowledge that the participant qualifies for the workshop based on the criteria listed above.  You also acknowledge that you are the participant's parent or legal guardian, and you agree to sign a waiver at the event site, prior to participation, by which you agree to absolve the provider (identified as The Whole Person and Midwest Adaptive Sports), of any fault or liability for injuries by the participant minor resulting from the ordinary negligence of the provider, its employees or its agents. You also agree to pay the $10 registration fee with cash or check prior to participant's play at the workshop.

If you have questions about the workshop or the statement above, please cancel this registration, and call Rick Haith at 816-627-2229 for clarification before you submit the form.